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 A one stop gym. We have everything you could ever need…


Looking for the ultimate gym?

We have an amazing gym with high quality equipment & coaches to match. We cover all aspects of training, running multiple classes per week to give huge variety. We help all levels progress in MMA or fitness, Also with all memberships we have general gym use included at NO extra cost. – If you want to find out more just click below… We welcome anyone to join our fit family!

Kids Classes

Our gym takes on children from 4 all the way through! – We cover all aspects of Mixed Martial Arts & Fitness/Strength & Conditioning. We help all levels progress, build confidence and learn self defence skills, We welcome any child to join our team..

Membership Details

We offer a variety of memberships for adults & kids making it super affordable for everyone to train.

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Hello! I’m Dan

Owner at Mahico MMA & Fitness Centre

A man with a dream, to take nothing and make it something.  A passionate coach with proven result in many areas. Take a look around my website and feel free to message me.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone start MMA?

Of course, Mixed Martial Arts is for all walks of lives. I train and welcome everyone to learn the greatest sport in the world. Remember we were all beginers once, it just takes that first step…

Where is best to start?

Starting your journey can be overwhelming especially when we offer so much. The best thing to do if you feel a bit lost is to message me, I am very happy to have a chat and try ease any anxiety you may have.

Do you do bulk discount?

The short answer is no. The reason is we are very in demand plus i have spent years working with many great coaches in may fields and my value is worth the price.

Can i just use the gym?

Adult members are allowed to use the gym on their membership during opening times. We do advise not using it between 6pm till 7pm for general use as this class times are very busy. 

Can i train whilst my kids train?

You sure can, lots of parents choose to use the gym whilst their kids are in class. You must be a member to do this or book a day pass at the desk.

What is the best advice you can give to someone just starting?

The best advice I could give is to start, Simple. The hardest part is starting once you join, MMA, a conditioning class or Pad work you will see how fun & addictive it really is.